Common TV Installation Mistakes

People are buying TVs day in day out. However, the second thing that comes afterward is installation. It is worth noting and avoiding the common mistakes that people do while installing a TV set. Below are some of the most common mistakes.

Purchasing Equipment from Big Box Stores

The big box stores have a lot over overhead they must cover and charge you for it. Modern Media orders direct from manufactures or wholesalers and we can typically save you 30% on your major equipment purchases. Even so, many big box stores may offer Samsung, LG, Vizio, Panasonic, and Sony among other brands at an affordable price.

Mounting the TV Too High

Most people mount their TV too high, such that they are looking upward at their TV. This can cause neck strain. The optimal height to mount your flat screen will vary depending on the distance you will be watching the TV from, the room layout, and whether you will be sitting, standing or laying down while watching TV. Modern Media can help you determine the perfect height to mount your TV to the wall.

Not Planning for Internet Connections

The latest entertainment devices connect to the internet. AV receivers, Blu-Ray players, HDTVs, media streamers, PlayStations, Wii, xBox – they all require internet connections.  Without proper planning to connect all the devices to your home network, you can quickly find your network bogged down or running out of connections.

Not Using Proper Surge Protection

One power surge or lightning strike can destroy your AV equipment and computers in a second. Many consumers fail to protect their equipment investments and precious computer data with simple and inexpensive surge protection. Modern Media can offer inexpensive surge protection devices to protect your TVs or your entire home.

Paying too Much for Accessories

The price for HDMI cables and TV mounts can be ridiculously expensive. In fact the LED TV price may be not less than $400. There is no need to pay $50 for an HDMI cable and $80 for a TV wall mount. At Modern Media, we include a FREE HDMI cable and TV wall mount with any TV installation.

Improper Speaker Placement

Paying attention to the location and positioning of your speakers usually pays off with a big improvement in sonic performance. However this can be a challenge for rooms not designed for surround sound. There are hundreds of choice in speakers. We can help you select the right speakers and their placement in your home for superb sound.

Purchasing Equipment without a Total Plan

Lots of money can be wasted purchasing bargains without a total plan. There are many considerations that must be decided upon to make sure all your equipment works in harmony with each other.  Modern Media can help you plan your purchases and guide you to the right products at the right price.


Knowing the mistake is one thing. Avoiding them is another. While installing a TV set and face a challenge you don’t know how you would solve, it is better to consult the user manual guide. Also, you may want to talk to a specialist.

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